I write mostly code and occasionally blog posts. I’m interested in individual liberty (or at least local sovereignty) and how to achieve it using decentralized technology. I worked with Bitcoin in 2009-2011. As of 2020 I’m working on decentralized social media.

My other interests include economics, law, psychology (especially moral and evolutionary), music, photography, aesthetics, phenomenology, software development, digitalization and hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

The blog name stems from my Bitcoin developer nickname Sirius. As Nathaniel Popper tells the story in his book Digital Gold:

The name had a cosmic ring to it, and conveyed that this was “sirius business,” Martti thought to himself. But it also had a more playful meaning for Martti, who had used the alias in a Harry Potter role-playing game at age thirteen.

And what would be cooler than a Harry Potter LARP?

Theme song: B Sirius Baby